Xbox Series X: Microsoft Would Sell The Console For $400 To Kill The PS5

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Microsoft intends to strike a big blow with the Xbox Series X by positioning it at a relatively low price: $400, information revealed by a specialized analyst.

At this price, the Redmond giant would hope to reverse market share against Sony’s PlayStation.

Some video game studio spokespersons believe that the debate on the number of teraflops a console can handle in a second is now obsolete.

The videogame experience is visually, musically and emotionally strong enough with the power promised by both consoles.

To differentiate between the two rivals that have been making headlines in recent months, Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, the gamer will therefore have to focus on other elements.

The ergonomics of the controller, as Sony has already unveiled its DualSense (the first Sony controller not to be called DualShock since the release of the first version on PS1).

The games catalogue, including exclusivities, and of course the price. So far, no official information has been unveiled on the financial aspect of the two consoles, even if Microsoft said this weekend that the console will be offered at an attractive price that gamers can pay.

But a financial analyst launched his predictions this weekend during a live event organized on Periscope by Geoff Keighley, a Canadian journalist and presenter of the Game Awards.

$10 Less Than PS5

This analyst’s name is Michael Patcher. He’s a financial analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities, an investment bank.

Far from being relevant in all of his analyses, he did make a few predictions that turned out to be correct.

Which was enough to establish his reputation. His latest statement therefore concerns the price of the two consoles.

According to him, the Xbox Series X could be positioned around $400, compared to a minimum of $500 for the PlayStation 5, thanks to a lower cost in spare parts.

According to this statement, if Microsoft manages to sell its console 100 dollars less than Sony’s, this would be a fatal blow to the PlayStation 5, because price is the only argument that could make PlayStation players switch to the Xbox.

And when you buy a console, you also buy games, or even a subscription to a premium service (Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus). So Microsoft would be willing to make less profit on the console to beat Sony.

Michael Patcher says that Microsoft will not announce the selling price of its console before Sony does.

And this even if it represents a risk that the Japanese firm decides to also lower the price of the PlayStation to be more competitive.

Find below a link to the replay of this live where Aaron Greeberg, from Xbox, and Peter Moore, former member of the Sega and Microsoft team, were also present.

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