Travel certificate on smartphone: How to download and use the digital version?

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The certificate of derogatory travel on a smartphone is available. As expected, the government has put the form generator online on its website It is now possible to present your certificate on your mobile phone during a police check. We explain how this QR Code generator works.

As announced recently, a new certificate of travel on smartphones is offered by the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Since Monday April 6, 2020, you are no longer obliged to print or copy the certificate by hand when you want to do your shopping or walk your dog. Please note, this digital compulsory displacement certificate is not accompanied by a relaxation of the containment measures. For the moment, all movements must still be limited to what is strictly necessary to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Until next May 11, date on which the progressive deconfinement must take place.

Where can I download the special travel certificate on my smartphone?
The QR Code generator is not offered through an Android or iOS app. Instead, the government offers the generator directly on its website Obviously, we advise you to use exclusively the generator set up by the authorities in order to prevent your personal data from falling into the wrong hands.

How does the form generator work?
The device put in place will generate a PDF document to be saved on your mobile phone. This file contains a QR Code which can be scanned during a police check. This QR Code tells the police about the time you filled out the form. To complete the form, you must:

  • enter your first name, last name, date and place of birth and your address
  • choose the reason for your outing (shopping, sport, medical emergency, etc.)
  • indicate the date and time of exit
  • click on generate my certificate
  • recover your PDF file and save it on your smartphone for security

You can fill out the special exit certificate directly on your smartphone, computer or touchscreen tablet. All you have to do is send the PDF generated to your phone when you leave.

What is the travel certificate for?
Like its paper version to print or which you can copy by hand, the digital movement certificate is essential to leave your home during confinement. Please note, you must always have a good reason to justify your trip. Here are the reasons authorized by the French government:

  • Go to work (if telework is not possible)
  • Shopping
  • Go to the doctor (only if remote consultation is not possible)
  • Deposit your children with your former spouse
  • Helping fragile and vulnerable people
  • Playing sports near your home less than an hour a day
  • Take your dog out to do his business
  • Respond to an administrative or judicial summons or do community service

With this mobile certificate, the police can easily check whether the reasons for your trip are valid. “The police and gendarmes will not need to pick up the phone, they will just have to scan the screen,” said Christophe Castaner, Minister of the Interior. In any case, the health authorities are asking to stay at home as long as possible.

Does the government store personal data on its servers?
The government ensures that the personal data communicated is not transmitted to remote servers. An assertion confirmed by computer security expert Baptiste Robert, alias Elliot Alderson. The man confirms that the generated data remains locally, that is to say that all the personal data of the form is found only in the QR Code.

Please note that the digital certificate does not replace paper exemptions. The certificates written by hand or printed are indeed still valid. As a reminder, non-compliance with confinement is punishable by a fine of € 135. Are you going to use the generator set up by the government? We await your opinion in the comments.