The Price of The Leaked Google Pixel 4A Would Make It More Competitive Than The iPhone SE 2020

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Supposed to be the Android iPhone, Google’s Pixels range is still far from it. The photo prowess of its smartphones has allowed Google to make a breakthrough in the market.

But not to impose itself, as shown by the low sales of the latest Pixels. This is largely due to unattractive prices. We all remember the flop of Pixel 3 when it was released in 2018.

With this new leak on the price of Pixel 4a, Google could finally release a competitive smartphone.

According to 9to5Google journalist Stephen Hall, quoting an anonymous source, Google’s next Pixel 4a could be sold for as little as 349 dollars, or 320 euros.

In reality, if this price turns out to be right in the United States, it will be a little higher in France (because the equivalent of VAT in the United States is lower than the 20% practiced in France, among others).

But where this umpteenth leak becomes interesting is that this $349 price would concern the 128GB version,

whereas previous predictions almost all agreed that even the 64GB model, the basic version, would be sold for $399 as for the Pixel 3a last year (399 euros in France too).

The Pixel 4A in 128 GB Cheaper Than The iPhone SE 2020 in 64 GB?

This total reverse leakage of information collected so far would make Google’s Pixel 4a much more competitive than the iPhone SE 2020, which sold for $399 or 479 euros in its basic 64GB configuration.

This would allow Google to apply its very good photo and software recipe for Pixel 4 to a more attractive model and thus recover from the disappointing sales of its latest flagships.

Imagine a photophone like the Pixel 4a for less than 350 euros? The idea seems totally far-fetched and I personally find it hard to believe that Google is actually lowering its prices so drastically.

I call this “only 50 euros” drastic because the segment of smartphones below 400 euros is one of the most competitive.

Unlike the flagship market, 50 euros more or less on the price of a model can have a massive impact on sales.

And at this level of quality/price ratio, given the presumed technical specifications, Pixel 4a could become the best choice.

Especially since, unlike Apple, which sells its iPhone SE 2020 for $399 in the US but 489 euros in Europe, Google could stick to the 1 dollar = 1 euro conversion rate, as it did for the Pixel 3a.

Initially expected on May 12 for the opening of the Google I/O, the Pixel 4a has finally been postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Google has announced a conference broadcast on YouTube for June 3rd to unveil the beta version of Android 11. So we can assume we’ll also have a Pixel launch at that time.

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