Realme X50: 30 Minutes is Enough to Recharge the Battery to 70%

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Realme, the alternative brand of Oppo, published on the social networks a teaser concerning the X50. The smartphone will be compatible with an improved version of VOOC Charge 4.0 technology. The promise: recharge the smartphone battery to 70% in less than 30 minutes. Specific protections have been put in place to avoid problems of overheating.

ormalized without having been detailed , the Realme X50 is gradually revealed thanks to the teasers that the company publishes on Chinese social networks. This week, the alternative brand of the Oppo group, which could soon become independent, unveiled two of its technologies: the chipset and fast charging. The first is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G , which will bring the already formalized 5G connectivity.

It is however the second technology which is interesting. Realme X50 will be the first to benefit from an improved version of VOOC Charge 4.0 , the rapid charging technology that Oppo is developing. A version whose maximum load power has not been revealed, but it would be comparable to the latest versions of Dash Charge (OnePlus), Quick Charge (from Qualcomm) or Pump Express (from MediaTek). Recall that the most powerful fast charges rise above 40 watts.

We know that the Realme X50 will be just as powerful thanks to the visual that illustrated the teaser and which you can find below. Let’s take a closer look: you will see that the graph has two curves. The clearest is the improved VOOC Charge 4.0 rapid charge fitted to the Realme X50. The second is that of the classic version of VOOC Charge 4.0.

Longer effective

The graph compares the speed at which the two technologies recharge the same battery (at least, we assume that it is the same battery) up to a certain percentage. And we see that the clear curve is faster to reach the goal. The sentence above the graph explains that the Realme X50 battery recharges to 70% in 30 minutes .

We can deduce that the same battery would recharge to 70% in 40 minutes with VOOC Charge 4.0. The gain is therefore not so significant. In the other direction, VOOC Charge 4.0 technology recharges the same battery to 65% in 30 minutes . You will also notice that the new version of VOOC Charge differs from the previous one from 20 minutes (and after 50% of the battery charged, if the scales are respected). The classic VOOC Charge curve experiences two crucial moments when the technology seems less effective: after 60% and near 70%.

And it makes sense: the principle of fast charging is to send as much power as possible (depending on the charge controller and the battery). This heats up the smartphone (sometimes to excess as we have known with the Galaxy Note 7). When it reaches a certain temperature, the chipset limits the power of the load which therefore becomes less efficient. For the X50, Realme has integrated special liquid-cooled heat pipes . They are responsible for conducting the heat given off by the components to the outside where it will be dissipated. This explains how the fast charging of the X50 remains effective longer.