Realme launches Air Buds: another copy of Apple’s AirPods!

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Realme has just lifted the veil on Air Buds, new wireless headphones very inspired by the famous AirPods from Apple. Compatible with Google Assistant, the headphones stand out with their sale price of only € 50. We take stock of this new challenger. 

The wireless headphones market is currently inundated with more or less successful clones of AirPods, which remain the undisputed leaders in the sector with more than 50% of the shares. Among the most popular alternatives, we find the Huawei Freebuds or the  Galaxy Buds from Samsung . It is now the turn of the Chinese brand Realme to tackle the AirPods.

The Buds Air take almost literally the design of the classic AirPods. Not surprisingly, the headphones come with a rounded wireless charging case . Again, we find the same look as the case that accompanies the AirPods. A bright green LED indicates when charging is in progress. Exactly like at Apple.

To summon the Google Assistant, just long press on a touch area accessible on the headphones. Realme ensures that the headphones connect to your smartphone in Bluetooth 5.0 as soon as the case is opened. The brand promises 120 ms of latency, as for AirPods Pro , in particular thanks to the integration of its R1 chip. This is almost half the average latency seen with Bluetooth headphones.

In terms of autonomy, Realme promises 3 hours of continuous listening . For its part, the wireless charging box allows you to enjoy 17 hours of additional autonomy. This is well below the performance offered by the AirPods Pro (24 hours of autonomy thanks to the case and up to 4 hours with the headphones).

Buds Air release date and price

Buds Air have been available in yellow, white and black on the Indian market for a few days. The headphones are sold at around 50 €, against 150-200 € for classic AirPods . For the moment, Realme has not lifted the veil on a possible release date in Europe. We will tell you more as soon as possible.