Google Drive Exceeds 5 billion Downloads on the Play Store!

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Google Drive exceeds 5 billion downloads from the Play Store. A fine performance which must however be qualified. This figure strangely takes into account the copies of Google Drive preinstalled on our smartphones. 

As reported by our colleagues from the Android Police site, Google Drive has just exceeded 5 billion downloads from the Google Play Store . A great performance which allows him to join the very, very closed club of apps with several billion downloads, like Google Chrome , Gmail or Facebook . By going to the Google Drive page on the Play Store, you will indeed see that the number of installations has surpassed the 5 billion mark.

But to arrive at these figures, it would seem that the Mountain View company is cheating a little. As Android Police reporter Corbin Davenport rightly points out, Google Drive pre-installs are also counted in the number of downloads. In reality, they are counted once the user has linked their smartphone to their Gmail account after the initialization phase.

Only, it happens that a person has to change smartphones several times a year. This is the case for many professionals. With each new smartphone, the user will have to link their Gmail account to access the various Google services, such as Google Drive.Each access to the application preinstalled from Google Drive on a new smartphone will be considered an installation from the Play Store . What amply inflate the statistics.

As a reminder, in November 2019 the site XDA-Developers website revealed that a bug prevented the backup of Android data on Google Drive . Since February 2019, thousands of users around the world could no longer save the files on their smartphones to the Google cloud. Journalists said the problem was caused by encryption of backups installed by Google on Android Pie 9.0. It came into conflict with the various security systems available to the user, such as digital recognition, PIN code or schema.