Galaxy Fold 2: Discover the Foldable Flip Smartphone

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The Galaxy Fold 2 continues to unveil itself. Several months before the presentation, a handful of stolen photos appeared on Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network. We discover in details the foldable screen vertically, the hole in the Galaxy Note 10 style slab and the central hinge similar to the first Galaxy Fold. 

This Thursday, December 19, a user posted on Sina Weibo 5 photos to get started with the Galaxy Fold 2 . “Tired of the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Let’s take a look at the next foldable flip screen phone from Samsung. Is such a phone to your liking? “  Asks the user. The photos were quickly relayed by renowned leakers, including Ice Universe, and many media.

At first, we see the foldable Infinity-O screen marked with a central punch like the Galaxy Note 10. The rest of the borders that surround the screen of the Galaxy Fold 2 appear particularly thick. As a reminder, these large borders were already visible in the official video published by Samsung at the end of October. We especially regret the presence of a thick chin at the bottom of the slab.

In the center of the screen, a hinge allows the structure to fold and unfold. Once fully extended, this hinge appears invisible . This is obviously to be confirmed later. On the back, Samsung has placed a secondary screen dedicated to the display of contextual information (such as the time or the number of messages received) and a double photo sensor accompanied by an LED flash.

Be careful, it could well be a simple prototype that is not yet finalized. However, the smartphone seen in the photos is identical to the device teased by Samsung a few weeks ago. What do you think of this first overview? Could you fall for this new generation of Galaxy Fold? Your opinion is awaited in the comments below.