Amazon France Blacklisted By The United States

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Amazon France has just been blacklisted by the United States. The French branch, therefore, but also the German, Canadian, Indian and British branches are now considered to be notorious counterfeit markets.

While Amazon France has just extended the closure of its warehouses until May 5, yet another piece of bad news is coming from across the Atlantic.

Indeed, the Trump administration has just blacklisted the French branch of the e-commerce giant. More specifically, Amazon France is now considered a notorious counterfeit market.

This list also includes the American company’s Indian, British, Canadian and German sites. After an investigation prompted by numerous complaints from rights holders, the US government claims that these sites facilitate the sale of counterfeit and pirated products.

Among the complaints against Amazon France and other divisions, the Trump administration claims that “information about sellers posted on Amazon is often misleading, making it difficult for consumers and rights holders to determine who is selling the goods.

In addition, the accompanying report also denounces processes for removing counterfeit goods as “too “long and cumbersome”. Finally, becoming a seller on Amazon is far too easy according to the document, which states that “Amazon does not sufficiently check sellers on its platforms”.

To correct this, the U.S. government is calling on Amazon France and others to gather more information about sellers and to respond more quickly to reports of counterfeit products.

Amazon Denounces Personal and Political Vendetta

Unsurprisingly, the pill does not go down at Amazon, which sees this blacklist as a political manoeuvre orchestrated by Donal Trump to destabilize the company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos.

“This purely political act is another notorious example of how the Trump administration is using the U.S. government to carry out a personal vendetta against Amazon”.

The e-commerce giant defends itself and recalls having invested more than 500 million dollars in the fight against counterfeiting in 2019, while recalling having blocked more than 6 billion suspicious ads before their publication on the various Amazon sites.

As a reminder, tensions exist between Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos, in particular because the billionaire is the owner of the Washington Post, a famous American newspaper whose journalists are very actively investigating the “suspicious” activities of the White House.

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